QuantumScape prices $300M share offering (NYSE:QS)

On the lowly totem pole of ludicrous investments anyone could make right now: QS/Disney would have to potentially be the worst right now. Only the chuumps still buying McDonald’s and McCormick At 30+ forward P/E’s and P/CF could compete with them for that award, but at least those companies are profitable. *Quick Debrief*: The CEO is a confirmed liar, claiming they had plenty of cash to make it to 2025, and then they dilute AGAIN. Moreover, it shows NO confidence that they wanted to raise now because it likely indicates they have no catalyst to drive prices even higher (or, alternatively, they’ll just dilute again regardless like an all you can dilute buffet). I am not short. I am not long. I am just …. Away, from anything to do with this pre-revenue stock.

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