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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Kiyosaki Unveils Best Long-Term Bargain, Coinbase Loses ‘XRP Pump’ Gains, SHIB to Ignite ‘Serious SHIB Excitement’ This Week: Crypto News Digest by U.Today

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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Kiyosaki unveils ultimate long-term bargain, and it is not

Yesterday, , well-known investor and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author, took to social media to once again praise gold and silver as the best investment options. “Gold and silver are God’s money put on Earth by God,” wrote Kiyosaki at the beginning of his post. He then emphasized the difference in the price of the two precious metals, with gold’s value being higher than silver’s. The author noted that silver, often viewed as an industrial asset, is growing more rare due to rising demand. This makes silver a “better bargain as a long-term investment,” concluded Kiyosaki.

Coinbase (NASDAQ:) loses “XRP pump” gains

Since last month, has been seeing its stock significantly rising in value. The roots of this occurrence lie in pro-XRP ruling in the SEC’s case against , which was viewed as a sign of regulatory benevolence toward other crypto companies, including Coinbase. As a consequence, Coinbase’s stock increased in price. Unfortunately, the wave of growth eventually hit the rocks, as Coinbase’s stock soon retreated from its gains. One can suggest that although the Ripple ruling brought a brief period of euphoria, it did not fully allay general concerns regarding the regulatory framework for cryptocurrency businesses.

about to ignite “serious SHIB excitement” this week

Yesterday, official X account teased the community with an exciting announcement, saying that SHIB supporters should not expect a “quiet week ahead” since the word “quiet” is not in their vocabulary. There is no great mystery behind the reasons for such big words, as today, Aug. 15, is the start of the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, which has Shiba Inu as one of its major sponsors. The SHIB team promised to launch Shibarium Layer 2 during the conference. On top of that, Shytoshi Kusama, the lead of the Shiba Inu project, will deliver a speech at the event via AI in order to remain anonymous.

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